Sexual Attraction Incense

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Sexual Attraction

A pungent incense to stimulate your confidence in your sexual attractiveness, increasing your personal vitality and magnetism. Use with caution as this incense may product unexpected and powerful results!


Incenses for Personal Transformation:

How to use:

These blended incenses entourage positive change, the ingredients carefully chosen for their effect on your unconscious mind. Burning incense with an open yet focused mind entourages the powerful essential energies of herbs, plants and resins to effect desired change. To create sacred space, take smoking incense into the corners of your room, as it makes the bridge from ordinary reality to the psychic world. Clearly visualising your goal while the incense burns open the psychic channel to your higher self.

Instructions for burning:

Light a charcoal clock and place it in a censor or fireproof dish (you may like to use a small bed of sand or earth to stop the base from getting hot). When fully smoldering, sprinkle a pinch of incense on the charcoal. Keep out of draughts and top up as necessary.